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Frame tent

hangars for cars and motorcycles

Installation of tent-frame structures is a highly cost-effective and cost-effective enterprise that does not require additional energy costs and approvals.

Frame-tent structures have the following competitive advantages:

  • hangar designs allow you to organize a capacious space for cars and motor vehicles;
  • protects cars from overheating, dirt ingress and color burnout in direct sunlight;
  • securely covers vehicles from the adverse weather events;
  • it is firmly and securely attached to the ground without filling the foundation;
  • passes soft diffused light, which allows you to save on lighting in the daytime.

Frame-tent structures are successfully used for the construction of hangars of any type. One of the important advantages of the awning structure of hangars for cars and motor vehicles is the fire resistance and incombustibility of the awning material. Modern extremely durable PVC on a woven basis is not subject to deformation or destruction, does not require maintenance or replacement for more than ten years.

The collapsible frame of hangars for motor vehicles is made of metal with an anti-corrosion polymer coating. The frame is securely connected by bolting, so the entire structure has high impact strength, resistance to mechanical impact.

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    hangars for cars and motorcycles
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